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We need solid statistics for our lobby day event.  Please take the 
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Cannabis Action Alert

Direct action required

Date: Feb 5 & 7, 2014
Location: Olympia Capitol Campus

HB 2149
SSB 5887
SSB 6178

More details available on the Facebook event page


There are several Bills after us at the moment. Not everyone can make it down to the lobby days to speak with there legislaters. We need patients speaking to these people to stop these bills. Here is a link to the bills and the contact info for the people we need you to talk to:

KILL BILL LINK <--- Very Important.

CAC was just voted Best Cannabis Association of the year 2013. We make things happen!

What Can I Do?

The best thing you can do to preserve our current MMJ laws is to call your reps and let them know how you feel. The governors office's number is (360) 902-4111.

Sign this petition: Here

Its a site made to track how our reps are voting. It also shows them how many votes they will be losing if they vote the wrong way. Only your First Name, Last Initial and email are needed to sign it. Since our reps care more about our vote than they do us, get this out everywhere you can post it.

The worst thing you can do is nothing. Groups have been formed to accomplish tasks. We could use all the volunteers we can get to make these groups bigger.

  • Street Team - These guys are the ones hitting the pavement to gather support and talking to co-op owners and distributing the brochures.
  • Social Media Team - These are the guys that know how to get things out on all the social networks. (like facebook) They also create the promotional videos and get them where they need to go.
  • Fund raising team - Looks for ways to bring in funds to cover the cost of everything we do. A store will later be incorporated into this site to sell CAC merchandise.
  • Representative Team - These are the guys that show up at hearings and testify on behalf of MMJ
  • And you can always use the Pay Pal button to the right of the page. Everything helps.
  • If you have any tips or leads to curruption (example : i502 grows currently happening), let us know @ ivote76@ gmail.

We also have meetings every Sunday. Contact info is on the right side of page

Noteworthy Links:

The liquor control board has declared war on medical marijuana! Without your help the state legislator will end medical marijuana THIS YEAR.

We are the Cannabis Action Coalition. We are devoted to preserving the rights of patients to use cannabis for their condition and have safe affordable access to it in any form they need it. One of our methods are exposing corruption at state level and believe me there is a lot of it.

In 1998 voters voted yes on i-692, giving us the right to use marijuana as a medication and produce it ourselves. In the past 16 years we have organically developed a system within the state laws that works well. Patients have safe access to get what they need, in the form they need it and, can currently afford it. Nobody is getting rich due to our current limitations. We are a very compassionate community of people that take care of one another. If the legislators believe our laws are too much in the gray area, its theory own fault. We have asked time and time again for some protection and clarity just to have it fall on deaf ears.

In comes the poorly written and destined to fail i502 along with the LCB thugs proposing rules for the new "policy driven" initiative to end MMJ and take us with them. That's exactly what they intend to do. After 16 years. They are now in a hurry to get this done. Here is what they have in store for patients:

  • No more Collective Gardens / Dispensaries. Recreational stores will now be your safe access and they are not allowed to talk about any medical aspect of it at all.
  • No More Growing Your own meds (doing so has now been upped to a class b felony) You will have to buy it from a rec store after it has been taxed 25% 3 times and a state sales tax.
    10 x 1.25=12.50, 12.50x1.25=15.625, 15.625x1.25=19.531, 19.53x1.1= 21.48 (for a 10 gram of weed) No other medications in this state is taxed. In fact, nothing is taxed so severely.
  • Possession amounts will be decreased to 3 oz. instead of our current 24 oz..
  • New regulations on who qualifies, who can give authorizations and, what conditions are acceptable and to make sure no more get added. Chronic pain seems to be a big problem for them.
  • A registrylist ( hit list ) for all patients to be on. I'm also pretty sure that every person that walks into a 502 store is going to lose their second amendment. Patient or not. Lets not forget that every state with a registry list has been compromised by the feds.
  • No more concentrates. If you are counting on RSO to beat cancer, your just going to have to die because it will take several thousand dollars a month to "illegally" produce the right dose. Plus there will be no catering to providing patients with high CBD / low THC strains of juicing to benefit from the THCV.
  • No more affirmative defense.
  • I can go on and on about the other messed up things that will be going down due to these changes (like the DUID laws) .. Just dip into our articles sections

*Update* - The LCB is considering allowing patients to grow up to 6 plants. (but still only have 3 oz) This makes no sense at all. Its not nearly enough. The last time our limits were figured out for us this is what the Dept Of Health came up with (including the feds) Take particular notice to page 3.

Why Our Limits are what they are now <-- What here has changed?

The LCB has no business controlling medical marijuana. (They couldn't even keep liquor) Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are 2 different things. We are a different people with different needs. Who cares if they sell recreational weed, Just leave us out of it.

This is a call for action! Don't Panic, Get organized!

Our rights depend on it. In order to prevent this from happening, we need to come together and get organized fast. We need people writing letters and calling our representatives, We need volunteers hitting the pavement and getting the word out. Starting with our initial 20,000 brochures going out to all the co-ops in the state. 40,000 more are coming. We need ya all to send links out on all the social network to this site with a message to pass it on.

AND when the time comes, We will need to cover the capital lawn like a plage of locust and make enough noise to rattle the windows. Its going to take thousands of us. Bring yourself and all your friends and anybody else you can get the word out to.

Medical marijuana is the popular vote so we already have that on our side. In the numbers we will have very soon, we can turn elections in any direction we want. We put these guys here to represent us and if they are not doing their job, we will replace them. Stay tuned for a voters guide that will be written soon.


The "A" stands for ACTION

We are not a group to sit on our hands, asking politely to not run us over with the LCB bus. We all know how far that will get you. We are The People and when we are being wronged and regulated by corrupt legislation, we are going to fight back with everything we got and we will win. Why? Because we are the people and WE are running the show..

We don't fight with a plan because nothing ever goes according to the plan. We fight with strategy and are ready for any curve ball thrown at us.

Here is some of our strategies:

Right now we are sitting on 20,000 information packed brochures and more than 40,000 more on on their way. We intend to put these in the hands of every co-op in WA state to be distributed to the patients. Very soon every patient in the state will know what happening and what they can do to stop it. Here is a copy of the PDF if you want to look at it right now.


We are scouring through thousands of emails and other public documents. We have already uncovered proof of lies, law breaking and, corruption. There are all kinds of shady backhanded deals going on behind closed doors. We already have lawsuits filed and we are positive there will be more to come. We have the brilliant Mr. Author West that has been taking guys like the LCB out for 20 years and he loves what he does. You can find a lot corruption exposed in public records from him and others on the website site 420leaks.

We will be choosing candidates to run against our current representatives. Win or lose, they will be forced to debate the issues in public. If your a rep reading this, I suggest you get on the right side of the fence. Except you Mr. Hurst. You stay right there and go down with the ship. Our coalition will be strong enough to change damn near any election outcome in the state.

We have a team of people and currently training more to speak on our behalf at public hearings. Funny how there is only one single public hearing to comment on the new LCB proposed rules. Yes... We will be there for that too.

Here is Part 1 or the town Hall meeting that took place in Seattle 21 Dec 2013. There were a bit of misguided people there. John Novak - 0:47:08 and Brian Stone - 1:19:25 Aaron Pelley - 0:50:50: And 0:28:10 - WHAT?

Part 2

Kaya doing his thing at the LCB hearing in Olympia, WA

Washington State Cannabis Defense Attorney, Jeff Steinborn calls I-502 "A Sting Operation in Plain Sight," and warns, "Every document you file to comply with I-502 can become an exhibit in a federal prosecution against you."


Contact your local representatives and let him know how you feel about the LCB proposed MMJ regulations:

Legislative Hot Line: 1-800-562-6000

Governor’s Office: (360) 902-4111

2735 1ST AVE. SOUTH, SEATTLE, WA 98134
PHONE: 206»612»9044 FAX: 206»219»5391

Meetings Every Sunday @ 11:00

We are a non-profit group and run off of donations. Lawsuits, Flyers, signs, filing for public docs...ect all cost us money. If you could please help out any way you can, it would be much appreciated.



Alison Holcomb lies again!

First lie was when she was pushing i502 she said that "i502 will not affect medical marijuana".

Old i502 Debate

NOW she informed MMJ patients at the town hall meeting in Seattle on 12-21-13 that tax will not be 75%+10% but somewhere between 30-40%. Big Fat Lie! She made it sound like patients and collective gardens would be pocketing this "30-40%" Not having medicine taxed and competing with big rec pot profiteers is the real prob...for them.

Here is the link to the meeting video. 1:08:35 is where she says it:

Town Hall Meeting part I